Overview and Support

Our key is to make the ownership of a yacht as stress free as possible and to minimise the risks and liabilities associated with yacht ownership. The Oceda team works alongside Owners and Captains to tailor our yacht services to each Owner’s specific needs to ensure the smooth operation of the yacht.

A vital part of our service is maintaining an open channel of communication at all times with our clients and their Captains and crew. To ensure we meet the highest standard of communication we have installed top of the market yacht management software which allows for 24/7 online access to all information relating to the yacht and its day-to-day operation such as the yacht’s certification, crew profiles, safety management information, financial reports and charter history and updates.

Technical Services

Operations support
Technical consultancy & management
24/7 emergency response
Class and flag compliance
Scheduling and supervising yard work and refits
Preparing for safety audits
Safety and security management
Insurance consultancy and supervision of insurance claims
Financial management and budget forecasting
On-site project management and quality control
Quality control and maintenance reviews
Preparation for annual flag state and class surveys
Condition surveys and sea trials
Yacht valuations
Refit contract negotiation