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May 2020

Update on Cruising Restrictions in Greece During Covid-19

Just a brief update on cruising restrictions in place in Greece. The current restrictions in place which were due to expire today have been extended and all pleasure and commercial yachts are forbidden from cruising in Greece up until 6:00a.m, 25 May 2020.

In addition yachts (private and commercial) wishing to enter Greece from abroad irrespective to their flag state are restricted from doing so up until 31 May 2020.

Jennifer Timinis from our team will be participating on the panel of a webinar “Update Webinar: Port restrictions during COVID-19 affecting yachts in key jurisdictions” organized by Quaynote Communications taking place on Tuesday 26th May at 15.00 UK time.

To register please use this link here

The webinar will be hosted by Alison Vassallo, Head of Yachting, Partner at Fenech & Fenech

The panel will include:

Janet Xanthopoulos, Head of Yacht and Jet Department, Rosemont International / Rosemont Yacht Services
Miguel Ángel Serra, Partner, Albors Galiano Portales
Ezio Vannucci, Partner, Moores Rowland Partners
Jennifer Timinis, Communications Director, OCEDA SA