Yacht management

comprehensive range of services

The Oceda team is comprised of skilled professionals in every field of yacht operations who fully understand the requirements and challenges of operating a yacht. Oceda ensures that yachts under our management are maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards

When undertaking the management of a yacht our main goals are to:-

  • remove the day-to-day burden and responsibility of running the yacht from the Owner
  • offer advice to the Owner and crew in all areas
  • provide the Captain and Crew with 24hr onshore support
  • respond to urgent situations and emergencies around the clock

Our team offers hands-on support tailored to each owner’s specific needs and can include:

  • management Services
  • operations support
  • technical management & consultancy
  • safety management
  • security management
  • crew administration & management
  • emergency response
  • insurance administration
  • financial management & budget forecasting
  • class & flag compliance
  • project management for refits & newbuilds